Turkish Bath – Turkish Hamam

Once upon a time, starts the story of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, complaining with the incurable longlasting headaches. The doctors of that time couldn’t find a remedy for the treatment of the illness.

One day a young man came with a solution which was hard to believe. The solution was a soap-massage in a Turkish bath .
Now and then ; complaining from body pains, long lasting headaches, giving up excess body-weight, desire for feeling fresh and young addresses you to a “Hamam” where you feel like a new-born person.

If you’re after the perfect tan, one of the best ways to start it off is with a trip to the traditional Turkish bath (known in Turkey as a ‘Hamam’). Here’s what to expect when you get into your local hamam. It is an experience that never ceases to give you enjoyment, not just because a Turkish Bath leaves you feeling “squeaky” clean, but because it is also something so different to back home.

Before the days when people had bathrooms in their homes- this was where all the locals went to not only get themselves cleaned up, but to meet all their neighbors and have a good old gossip. Once you go inside, you will be shown to some cubicles where you undress down to your swimsuit and wrap yopurself in the towel provided (called ‘pesternal’) and then proceed to a large, domed-shaped room called ‘gobek tasi’.

This room is completely lined with heated marble-floor, walls and bench seats with a large square marble ‘table’ in the middle of the bench-type seats are old-fashioned taps underneath each tap a saucepan-sized copper bowl. Everyone in the room will sit around and built up really good sweat- this is to soften your skin and open up all your pores.

That is where the bowls come in- if you got too hot, you filled them with lukewarm water from the taps and pour it all over yourself. While this is all happening, there are some big, muscular bath attendants waiting to rub you down (no, I’m not joking). One at a time, you all get to take your turn on the big marble table. The bath attendant rubs you down from head to toe with what you would call a loofah. It is at this stage that you get really embarrassed-not because of the rub down but because of the dirt that will come off your body-heaps of it and all black. It is quite normal. You won’t believe how clean you will feel afterwards. While everyone is getting his or her ‘rub-down’ you will continue to pour water over yourself and generally have a good laugh with your fellow “bath mates”! The bath attendant has not finished with you yet…

You will return to the slab for your ‘soaping’ and massage. The attendant fills a sort of thin, cotton pillowcase with soap and then proceeds to cover you in rich, creamy, white, soap suds (It sounds like one of those soap adverts), then he begins the massage. It is at this stage that you are definitely begin to ‘nod-off’ – You will feel so warm, clean and relaxed-but the attendant has no intention of letting you get a few minutes shut-eye. It is the best experience ever.

Your unused-for-some-time muscles are kneaded, your fingers and toes are stretched and a general feeling of well-being come over you. After the massage, you will then taken to another room with loungers or benches and given a hot glass of apple tea or relax before getting dressed. It is at this point that you definitely fall asleep and have to be woken up by the bath attendant! Never in your life have you felt so utterly relaxed and squeaky-clean. You will have the best night’s sleep ever. We highly recommend the Turkish bath experience- you cannot go to Turkey and not experience the real thing Turkish bath .

We advise that you do not book Turkish Bath trip with any tour company. There are only two good Turkish bath facilities in Marmaris and most tour companies will not take you there because they have better interests if they take you to a Bath at a Hotel. Don’t fall into that. Find a tour company that will take you to the best one in Beldibi area.

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