Tourism in Marmaris

With pine hills reaching down to the seashore, a national park surrounding the city and an abundance of blue flag beaches, Marmaris is for many tourists a heavenly place.

Citing that Marmaris has recently been discovered by Russians, Ukrainians and people from the Baltic countries but is already known to Europeans, Muhammet Ali Acar, the mayor of Marmaris, said it was time to promote the beautiful city to the world.

Acar emphasized that since Marmaris’ infrastructure has been fully developed, they are now considering how to make the city a tourism center for all seasons. The people running the facilities in the city are working hard to improve the standards of the service, he said.

�Everyone is aware that Marmaris, which hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, is still not qualified enough to show its real tourism potential,� said Acar. �There are ancient sites and beautiful nature that stand untouched around Marmaris, such as Ephesus, Pamukkale � famous for its travertine, Dalyan � famous for its sea turtles, the ancient city of Kaunos, Sedir Island and Rhodes Island. These places are must-see sites.�

Marmaris also has marinas and bays that house many boats and is also a popular spots for cruises. Marmaris has one of the largest natural harbors in the world. There are people taking yachting classes each year, said Acar.

Yachting is not the only sport in the city; for the adventurous there are possibilities for nature sports as well. �Tourists are also interested in the suburbs around Marmaris; they like going on Safari trips,� emphasized Acar. �Foreigners like the nightlife, and Mediterranean and Turkish restaurants in Marmaris.�

Acar, who grew up in Marmaris working in his family’s hotels, pensions and cafes, noted the municipality’s aim was to improve the quality and increase the variety of services offered in Marmaris.

Problems still exist

Tourism in Marmaris, like other cities on the Turkish Riviera, bloomed after the 1980s. The city had difficulties in controlling the urbanization process and the problems are still apparent today. This situation is not only ongoing in Marmaris, but it can be seen in Bodrum, Kuşadası, Çeşme, Fethiye and Antalya � other popular tourism destinations in Turkey. Problems included the introduction of concrete and unaesthetic structures, which in turn harmed the history and culture of the region, as well as sociological problems caused by rapid migration and a lack of trade management.

Today Marmaris hosts more than 4,000 business enterprises and has nearly 250,000 seats in its restaurants. �In Marmaris we have a 60,000-bed capacity, yet, no matter if the hotels are full, the enterprises, restaurants and shops are still not making a profit,� said Acar.

According to the mayor, the growing population is another threat. Marmaris is struggling to build more buildings for those who migrate to the city. Another problem Marmaris faces is that luxury hotels around Antalya are focusing on all-inclusive programs that do not provide the enticement of not spending any extra money, which has pushed all hotels in Marmaris to lower their prices. �The rise in the bed capacity will continue lowering the hotel prices. The government should put restrictions on the tourism sector,� Acar said.

�We have been revising the city plans and one of the recent inquiries is on how to create more green areas. Our long-term target is to create a modern city, with people aware of the natural beauty, conscious of the needs of tourism,� noted the mayor. �The biggest advertisement is tourists who turn to their countries with a smile on their face and telling their friends about Marmaris.�

There are 5,000 expats living in Marmaris; most are from Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia. The foreigners who settle here are mostly retired people wanting to spend the rest of their life in Marmaris. But there are young foreign people who especially prefer working in the yachting sector.

�With the new regulations on property sales there was a rise in the number of foreigners buying houses,� said Acar, who added, �Properties were sold to foreigners before the recent regulations but they had to wait too long to own the houses.� Citing that the laws in Turkey are different from those in foreign countries, Acar emphasized they were having hard time understanding the regulations in Turkey, which brings forward the fact that Turkey needs to have a proper and secure property sector.

MARMARİS – Turkish Daily News

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