Holidays in Turkey at record low prices

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The fear of unemployment in England coupled with the severe decrease in value of the sterling compared to the Euro and the Dollar has resulted in a drop of demand for international all-encompassing holiday packages. As a result, prices for holiday packages have also decreased significantly.

Following an announcement made by large tour operators in Turkey that summer vacation reservations have decreased by 11 percent, in comparison to figures from last year, travel agencies also revealed that they have been left with thousands of unsold package holiday options.

The overall drop in the tourism sector has resulted in record low prices for holiday offerings by tourism companies. For example, one of the nation’s biggest tourism companies Thomas Cook is offering a two-week stay at a studio flat in Marmaris for as low as 23.48 pounds, not including breakfast or dinner. If two customers were to share the studio, at that price it means the nightly rate is as low as 84 pennies. Meanwhile, the price for a five-night stay for two people in a three-star hotel in central Las Vegas, with a pool and restaurant has dropped to under 93 sterling, bringing the cost for one night per person to 9.27 pounds.

Environmentalists: No to port expansion in Marmaris

Friday, March 13th, 2009

An environmental group in Marmaris has filed suit to overturn a government decision in favor of a plan to expand the city’s port, and is prepared to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary to stop the project.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference, Marmaris Environment Volunteers Group leader Filiz Ersan announced the legal move, saying the Environmental Effect Evaluation and Planning Administration had made a wrong decision in approving the port-expansion plan.

“We applied to the Muğla Administration Court to cancel the decision of the Environmental Effect Evaluation and Planning Administration approving the plan to expand the port,” said Ersan, whose group has been working to protect Marmaris’s natural environment for 19 years. “We certainly object to this decision and we have doubts about how they granted this permission. We will be very persistent in stopping the expansion of the port.”

Marmaris to be a Brand

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

The Marmaris Trade Chamber, or MTO, held a press conference to explain its efforts to make the district a brand in tourism. Mayors in Marmaris, and Turkey Travel Agencies and Tour Operators, or TURSAB, representatives, South Aegean Union of Hotel Owners, or GETOB, and 23 non-governemental organizations attended the meeting.

Using other countries’ promotional campaigns as examples, the meeting’s participants decided to establish a Marmaris Introduction Committee to make an effective campaign to introduce the district to the tourism market.

“It is necessary to become a brand to increase tourism income. For the Marmaris Introduction Committee to be established, it has to allocate a budget for the promotion of the district. International companies have been allocating 50 million euros to brand their areas. Continue reading »

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