Environmentalists: No to port expansion in Marmaris

Friday, March 13th, 2009

An environmental group in Marmaris has filed suit to overturn a government decision in favor of a plan to expand the city’s port, and is prepared to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary to stop the project.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference, Marmaris Environment Volunteers Group leader Filiz Ersan announced the legal move, saying the Environmental Effect Evaluation and Planning Administration had made a wrong decision in approving the port-expansion plan.

“We applied to the Muğla Administration Court to cancel the decision of the Environmental Effect Evaluation and Planning Administration approving the plan to expand the port,” said Ersan, whose group has been working to protect Marmaris’s natural environment for 19 years. “We certainly object to this decision and we have doubts about how they granted this permission. We will be very persistent in stopping the expansion of the port.”

Marmaris Bay project not ’green’

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

MUĞLA – Environmentalists continue to protest the planned project to expand Marmaris Port, arguing the natural habitat will be seriously damaged if reconstruction goes ahead.

The project, planned three years ago, is now awaiting approval from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, but environmentalists want to stop the process and are being helped by academics and Greenpeace.

The Marmaris Nature Volunteers Association said it was in talks with Greenpeace to send members to protest the expansion of Marmaris Port. The association has already requested reports from professors from Muğla and Istanbul Universities over the potential negative effects of the project.
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Marmaris Port eyes expansion

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

As port officials in Marmaris await approval from the Culture and Tourism Ministry to start construction on an additional 300-meter-long pier to be able to serve four cruise ships at the same time, local environmentalists oppose the plans, arguing that the increased number of visiting ships will put the future of popular tourism town at risk.

The plans to bulid an additional pier to Marmaris Port is still the number one item on the town’s agenda.

The general manager of the Marmaris Port has argued that the port needs expansion to profit more from cruise tourism. However, environmentalists counter that increased cruise traffic would harm Marmaris’s ecosystem.

Şükrü Tugay, general manager of Marmaris Prot Management Inc., told the Anatolia news agency that the port needs to expand to accommodate four ships at once.
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