Save Marmaris from mining

In Muğla’s Marmaris district, where 41 licenses allow mining research to be conducted on 52 percent of the land, the deputy to parliament has made three motions before the Turkish Grand National Assembly, or TBMM, asking for these permissions to be revoked.

, saying he would file a lawsuit with the help of CHP District Governor Halil Gökovalı.

Marmaris Municipal Council member and environmentalist Nurcan Dağ brought the matter to light, saying, “If we don’t hurry the machines will start to dig.”

After the council discovered that 52 percent of the district had been licensed for mining research, Muğla’s Republican People’s Party, or CHP, parliament deputy Ali Arslan took action. He brought three different motions before TBMM and asked for a reply from the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Hilmi Güler, the Minister of Environment and Forestry Vesysel Eroğlu and the Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertuğrul Günay.

Arlsan visited Marmaris to conduct inspections with the help of Marmaris District Governor Halil Gökovalı and Marmaris Municipal Council member and environmentalist Nurcan Dağ. They traveled to the Adaağzı on the Yalancı Boğaz road, where the Istanbul-based Siltaş will search for resources. They said in this 3,850-hectare area were tourist establishments and hotels. Arslan said the current situation would turn more than half of Marmaris into an area for mining research and was an environmental disaster.

“These licenses were obtained too easily,” he said. “They are trying to turn this city of tourism into a mining city. We will use legal processes to revoke the licenses and we will even file a lawsuit if necessary,” said Arslan.

Dağ called upon NGOs, the municipality and district residents to work together. “If we don’t hurry the machines will start to dig,” he said.

CHP District Governor Halil Gökovalı said they were not against the idea of extracting natural resources.

“This region is one of the world’s few tourism areas. This 3,850-hectare area in the Adaağzı district where the Siltaş company will search for mines has five hotels, five restaurants, hundreds of residents and a very large five-star hotel. The same company will search for mining research in the location of the Marmaris Dam, which provides the district’s drinking water. The İçmeler cemetery, nearly 100 hotels, motels and holiday apartments as well as residences, the Turunç road and a large part of the Asparan are located inside the mining research areas,” said Gökovalı.

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