Marmaris’ party spots to get safer

Turkey’s most popular holiday spots are about to get safer for tourists, as a series of higher security measures are taken by the local authorities. Muğla Governor says that private security will be employed for nightclub avenues

Nightlife in the popular holiday resorts of Muğla is about to become safer. Ahmet Altıparmak, governor of the Aegean province of Muğla, said special precautions would be taken and private security would be employed for nightclub avenues in Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye, where hundreds of thousands of people party each night during the tourist season.

’Assuring a peaceful and safe holiday’
Governor Altıparmak, who is also president of the Union of Infrastructure for Marmaris and Surroundings, or MARTAB, speaking at the union’s general assembly said their aim was to help tourists to have a peaceful and safe holiday.

MARTAB’s general assembly lasted approximately three hours and among its 55 attendees was Ali Acar, mayor of Marmaris, and many other town mayors.

The annual report for 2008 was read and budget estimates for 2009 were set at YTL 1.6 million.

Governor Altıparmak spoke about investment plans for each budget item.

Altıparmak said they planned to save a large share of the budget to train qualified personnel, one of the biggest deficiencies in the tourism industry.

He said they planned to have private security in the nightclub avenue in Marmaris, which is famous for its wild nightlife.

“We are thinking about placing private security guards at every entrance to the avenue,” said the governor. “Therefore, we hope to prevent suspects escaping and to turn the avenue into an island of security that will contribute to peaceful fun for tourists.”

All the budget items listed by Governor Altıparmak were accepted unanimously by union members. After the assembly, Altıparmak said they also wanted to implement the special precautions planned for Marmaris, in other popular spots such as Bodrum and Fethiye.

Details to be reviewed
“The matter will also be an agenda item in the infrastructure unions of Bodrum and Fethiye,” said Altıparmak. “The union committees will set the details, such as the precautionary methods and numbers of private security guards.”

As to whether tourists would be searched at avenue entrances, Altıparmak said further details would be discussed at a later stage.

He said details would come into effect if accepted by the union boards and it would be wrong to comment on how they were going to be executed at this point.

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