Jeep Safari

Sitting in the morning traffic on your way to work, running late again , your stress level rising like the pollution from the exhaust fumes, you ask yourself, “is this what life is all about?”.

You begin to fantasise about your forthcoming holiday to Turkey and wish you were already there… Imagine you are wearing your oldest clothes, scarf tied around your head like a pirate with your sunglasses to the ready.

You set off in convoy, being driven by your “guide”, into the hinterlands of your resort.You drive you could lead through refreshingly cool, tall, green forests or across peninsulas with sea on either side and where nature is only an arm’s length away.You immerse yourself in the stunning views from mountain lookouts and wonder in amazement at the crystal clear blue azure sea and rugged coastline.

Paddle in blissful peace along the shore or douse yourself in a mountain spring or seek out waterfalls to dive into.Experience first hand the hidden secrets of Turkey, witnessing the welcoming waves of playful children along the roadside, as you pass through the sleepy villages and luscious cultivated plains.

Respect the continuous toil of the villagers out in their fields reaping and sowing in their traditional way under the hot summer sun (the ladies in their baggy pantaloons and headscarves)- you can remember this whenever the urge to complain about modern living strikes you!

Think about lunching somewhere traditional and authentic and laughing and joking with your fellow adventure seekers,feeling energised by the simplicity and quality of life and will wonder at the landscape, so raw yet so magnificently striking.Feel the sheer exhilaration of the wind blowing through your hair and the warm sun shining down on you as your convoy heads for home,leaving you with that “outdoor” glow so rarely experienced back home-well, don’t just imagine-try it!

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