Heavy rains hit Marmaris and Milas

Heavy rains hit Muğla’s Milas and Marmaris districts Thursday causing floods in many houses and workplaces.

The rain started at 6 a.m. in Milas and poured down for three hours. One of the flooded workplaces was a textile workshop in the Aydınlık Evler neighborhood, which belongs to Hüseyin Aydın.

Aydın said the water level in the workshop reached the machinery. “We tried to take the machines out,” he said. “We will try to reestablish the workshop once we can clean the flood water.”

Aysel Ilbıra, whose house on the first floor was flooded, complained that it was the second time her house was flooded. “It is not even just rain water, it smells like sewerage,” she said. “The last time my house was flooded, I used kilograms of detergents to clean it up. Now I don’t have any money. How will I get rid of this smell, how can I ventilate the house on a winter day?”

Milas Mayor Muhammet Tokat, a member of the main opposition Republican People’s Party, or CHP, said the rains especially hit the area around the bus station and Akkent housing complex. “There are holes that are 1.5-meters wide in the area,” said Tokat. “We have received flood complaints from 15 houses and workplaces and have tried to help them all. The only comfort is that no lives have been lost.”

The heavy rains also hit the popular resort town of Marmaris and flooded 10 houses and many workplaces.

Some homeowners on Turunç’s 60 Evler Street claimed that the river flooded because of the rubble dumped in the river bed by a hotel. The river would not have flooded if the flow had not been blocked by the rubble that was dumped during the construction of the hotel,” said Fatma Özdemir, whose house was flooded. “All our furniture is ruined. I collected some of my furniture from the sea.”

Hüseyin Özdemir, another house owner, said many houses were damaged and the owners of the houses, most of who live outside the district, were informed about the flood by telephone.

Another Turunç resident, Dursen Öztürk, said the floods washed away her 24-year investment. “I have been buying gold with my money, and all of my golden jewelry, which was worth 50,000 Turkish Liras, were taken by the water,” she said. “My husband kept the jewelry outside the house, fearing that thieves could steal them. Not the thieves, but the floods have taken them away.”

Hurriyet Daily News

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