Driver Safety

Driver Safety Briefing

The cardinal rules of safety while driving in Turkey are: drive very defensively, avoid driving at night, and keep your emotions in check.

The Regional Security Office has analyzed American employee accidents that have occurred during the past several years in order to identify “lessons learned” that can be utilized to increase driver safety, prevent injuries and perhaps even save lives. The conclusion is that many of the accidents — not all, but many–were avoidable.

A number of accidents occurred when a local driver stopped, turned, or took unexpected action that resulted in the U.S. driver hitting another vehicle or being struck by a third vehicle. Many of the “unexpected” actions were unexpected according to U.S. driving practices but are quite common in Ankara, Istanbul and other parts of the country. About half of the accidents were clearly, according to local standards, the fault of the non-U.S. drivers. The key to reducing accidents is situational awareness, concentration and extremely defensive driving.

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