Dalyan Caunos – Turtle Beach

With Marmaris Dalyan Caunos Trip you can also see Caretta Caretta Turtels, Have Mud Bath, Visit King Tomps and Swim on Very Long sandy beach.

Mud Baths… King Tombs…. Caretta Caretta’s… 10 Miles Beach….

You may have heard the names of Dalyan and Caunos again and again as a definite ‘must see’ and if nothing else the 7km sandy beach worth the trip.

Dalyan and Caunos are on the southwestern coast of Turkey. They are set in the center of an un-spoilt broad delta. The area is environmentally protected. This is one of the few surviving places of paradise, an area of natural beauty and historical interest.

When you travel to Dalyan Turtel Beach by bus from Marmaris; the scenery is superb with -high rock faces covered with pine forests and little real Turkish villages. If you choose boat transportation you will also see, rock mountains interspersed with small inlets where two or three small boats are tethered and all around deep turquoise water as far as the eye could see. If you don’t like rough waters and prefer professional guidance, chose buses as you transportation.

When you arrive to Dalyan Caunos Town, you will need to get small river boats to start your journey up the river. Passing through meadows of flowers, edged with cypress trees and a fish farm where the fish from the lake at Koycegiz are bred. You pass by the reeds covering the lake so close that you could almost touch them. The name Dalyan means ‘fishery’ in Turkish and all the restaurants along the river do a roaring trade. Rounding the final bend you will find the Lycian rock tombs carved into the sheer cliff face.

The ancient city of Caunos lies on top of a hill dates from before 400 BC. A short guided tour at the site shows the theatre and acropolis. The views alone from the hilltop are stunning. Caunos was once a Mediterranean port city but over the centuries the silt from the Dalyan River choked the harbor and today the town lies several kilometers from the sea.

Further up the river there are the mud and sulphur baths. As you approach the mud pools, the smell is really bad! But you will get used to it soon as you go in to the hot mud. There was a lot of hilarity as everyone around you are covered in mud. Don’t forget your cameras!

Finally, there is this famous sandy beach! A Heaven and nesting place for the endangered loggerhead turtle. They lay their eggs on this beach. Therefore you will not be allowed to use the middle section of the beach for sun-bathing or playing.
You could have your lunch in a very simple restaurant by the river, and sitting beside the cool river on such a hot day would be very heavenly.

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