Art tourism to become a new asset of Marmaris

A new project in Marmaris has been undertaken to provide art lovers with an opportunity to meet local artists and experience the local culture.

The “Culture and Art Tourism” has been developed by the Kalimerhaba International Friendship Cooperation and Promotion Association and a number of travel agencies.

Theatre actress Selma Sonat said a week-long holiday package to the Muğla tourist resort of Marmaris has been prepared as part of the project.

“People who want an art and culture holiday, can stay at three-star hotels and participate in workshops with artists,” the actress explained. “We plan to have exhibitions each month of artworks produced in the workshops. We will also have ‘conversations’ on art related topics each night, and organize nature and culture tours to villages near Marmaris.”

The project aims to provide artists with a chance to get away from the stress and noise of cities, according to Selma Sonat.

“We believe artists who come to Marmaris on holiday can contribute to the community too,” she stated. “Well-known artists will volunteer to come to Marmaris, to take part in this important project and to purify themselves from city life.”

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