Upgraded standards in tourism in Aegean Hotels

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is preparing to apply the same standards to accommodation facilities licensed by the municipalities as those licensed by the ministry.

The project aims to unify standards for all accommodation establishments in Turkey. According to the legal regulations concerning the encouragement of tourism, the ministry will start the application in pilot regions and require facilities with municipal licenses to raise their standards to an acceptable level. At the end of a declared period, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be able to grant a facility a new license or to cancel its current license.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in a written explanation, said the regulation was the necessary result of increasing complaints from visitors to hotels licensed by municipalities. Representatives of ministry authorities said they believed the regulation would prevent popular tourist destinations losing their positive reputations. The first implementation of the regulation will start in 2009 in pilot regions including Eminönü in İstanbul, Side, Alanya, Marmaris and Bodrum.

İlhan Açıkgöz, the head of the Southern Aegean Hoteliers Association, or GETOB, said the new regulation would lift the service quality of small hotels to a higher level.

Some mayors in the southern Aegean, however, point to the current lack of inspection of facilities on the ministry’s list as a reason for the low quality in some hotels.

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