The History of Marmaris

marmar15.jpgThe Marmaris history is reaching back far in the ancient times. First becomes known in the fourth century B.C. as the city of Physkos, a part of the Rhodian Empire. The Rhodian Empire was formed in 408 B.C. with the unification of three independent Rhodian cities, Lindos, Ialysos, and Kamiros into a mighty single state. The capital of which was the newly constructed city of Rhodes. Previously these independent cities had possessed territories on the mainland of Asia Minor and with the formation of the new state, this area, primarily the Loryma and Datca peninsulas: those bodies of land stretching from present day Marmaris in the east, to the ruins of Loryma and Knidos in the west became the Rhodian Empire. The Inhabitants of the Rhodian Empire were accorded all rights as full citizens of Rhodes. marmar16.jpgMarmaris which was called Physkos in ancient times, was one of the most important cities and the was mentioned by name in the official correspondence of the time. According to Bean, Physkos was attached to the city of Lindos and as inscriptions show was incorporated into the Rhodian state at the time of Alexander the Great, around 345 B.C.

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