TAX FREE Shopping in Marmaris, Turkey

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

As a foreign visitor, you can claim back the tax you pay on your purchases and receive immediate cash refund on departure at most international ports of Turkey.

Here is how:
1- Shop wherever you see the Global Refund tax-free sign. Whenever you make a purchase, just ask for your tax free invoice / cheque.

2- As with all exports you must declare your purchases at the Customs Office. So when leaving the country, present your purchases and your Global Refund tax free invoice / cheques to Customs to have them stamped.

3- Finally receive your cash refund at one of the below listed Cash refund offices or drop your validated invoices in the tax free boxes provided at most ports or simply mail them back in the self addressed envelopes, filling the payment instructions on the reverse side of your cheque, for the refund to be sent to your account at home Continue reading »