A Secure Tourism Season for Marmaris

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Strict measures will be taken to ensure security in the Aegean resort town of Marmaris during the upcoming tourism season.

Local police officials and restaurant and bar owners held a meeting Tuesday to discuss security measures for the summer. The restaurant and bar owners were given a 12-artcle list that states the rules they should follow.

Marmaris Police Chief Yaşar Turan Çebi said at the meeting that police do not have a magic wand to maintain security in the town and the locals should help the police. “Marmaris is a window to the world and you all make a living thanks to the tourists,” Çebi told the restaurant and bar owners. “A disturbance in the public order, especially if the victim is a tourist, will put all of us in trouble. We, as the police, will do our part, but it is not enough. You should all be very careful in your establishments.”

Çebi said the town would have a trouble-free tourism season if the restaurant and bar owners follow the rules and cooperated with the police. “The rules we’ve given you are not strict orders,” he said. “These are the rules to follow to make the Barlar Street a secure and peaceful place. If you have any trouble with the police officers working on your street, I will give you my cellular phone number and you can contact me any time.”

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