Muğla animal hospital seeks more humane solution for strays

Friday, November 7th, 2008

The first animal treatment center in Muğla, opened eight years ago to offer veterinary services to both house pets and non-domesticated animals, has said that adopting stray animals instead of encouraging sales in pet shops could be a viable and compassionate way to deal with the stray animal population of the southern Aegean region.

In an interview last week with Today’s Zaman, Göksel Bayramlı, a veterinarian at MedikaPet, Muğla’s only animal treatment center, said measures against the uncontrolled sale of pets and an encouragement of adoption could alleviate the suffering of Turkey’s stray animals, which are sometimes allegedly subject to mass poisonings carried out by local authorities. “Municipal councils are the target of accusations of massacres of stray animals in Turkey. Unfortunately, we hear news like this every now and then. What we need to do to solve the problem is to encourage people to adopt dogs from shelters in the Marmaris and Muğla areas. Worse, some veterinarian clinics actually get involved with selling pets to make money,” he said. The hospital itself has adopted Dodo, brought in as a sick puppy by his former owner to be put to sleep. Dodo has a brain disease caused by the overproduction of a particular hormone.
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