Muğla dolls take it to global stage

Friday, July 17th, 2009

A prominent artist in the resort town of Marmaris produces hand-made dolls that have gained worldwide renown. The dolls, each of which are produced individually and carry a unique ID card, attract great interest from overseas, especially Russia, the United States and the UK.

Muğla dolls take it to global stage Hand-made porcelain dolls produced by an artist in the popular resort town of Marmaris, featuring characteristics of the local traditional dress, have made their way onto shortlists of collectors from around the world.

The dolls are adorned with shoes, socks and duplicate jewels, making them a collector’s favorite. Şiir Dürüst, the producer of the dolls, now gets orders on the Internet. “More than 160 dolls, each one uniquely produced, are now in 140 different collections in various countries,” Dürüst said.

Dürüst started making hand-made dolls three years ago with the support of Temel Koçaklar, the Muğla governor at the time. “Doll collecting is the third most popular collection in the world after coin collections and stamp collections,” Dürüst said. “Sunay Akın, Turkey’s top doll collector, has also included Muğla dolls in his collection.”

Muğla fish farms to close

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

After receiving reports of pollution, deputies from the Parliament’s Environmental Commission investigated fish farms in Muğla’s Güllük and Güvercinlik bays in Turkey’s Aegean region. Following the investigation, it was decided that the farms should be moved to a new location and that the ones who did not abide would be punished, said Mehmet Şahin, head of the Muğla Environment and Forest Directorate.

As a result, 29 of 133 fish farms were ordered to be shut down, as their time to move expired yesterday. Those 29 fish farms will also be penalized for the pollution if they continue operation.
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Muğla reveals new plans for 2009

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

DATÇA -Hoping to make this year a memorable one for Muğla, local businessmen declare their agenda. The yacht tourism and regulations to avoid surplus of businesses are the top subjects of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

While Muğla is gearing up for a stronger economy, the businessmen in the Western city are coming up with new plans.

The last session of the Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry or MUTSO, which has taken place in Datça, focused on making the new year a profitable and productive year for the city. The projects the chamber had undertaken over the last 3.5 years was outlined in the meeting, which was opened by a speech from Hilmi Giresun, chairman of the chamber. Construction of the new MUTSO building was a part of the chamber agenda.
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