Cameras ready in Marmaris for security

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Approximately 117 cameras have been installed on 15-meter-high poles in the center of the city of Marmaris and in the İçmeler, Armutalan, Belbdibi provinces, in hopes of improving security and enhancing tourism. Information about the new project, which will include 27 omni-directional cameras, was provided at the assembly of the Marmaris Committee of Camera Systems, led by Marmaris official Cemallettin Özdemir.

Noting that the first phase of the project was complete and that the second phase would consist of building a surveillance center at the Marmaris Provincial Police Department, Özdemir added: “The most important feature of this $1.5 million project is that it’s done with optical fiber cables for the first time in Turkey. This system will allow for 1,000 additional cameras to be built without expense. They are also resistant to earthquakes and any other natural disaster.”
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