Muğla reveals new plans for 2009

DATÇA -Hoping to make this year a memorable one for Muğla, local businessmen declare their agenda. The yacht tourism and regulations to avoid surplus of businesses are the top subjects of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

While Muğla is gearing up for a stronger economy, the businessmen in the Western city are coming up with new plans.

The last session of the Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry or MUTSO, which has taken place in Datça, focused on making the new year a profitable and productive year for the city. The projects the chamber had undertaken over the last 3.5 years was outlined in the meeting, which was opened by a speech from Hilmi Giresun, chairman of the chamber. Construction of the new MUTSO building was a part of the chamber agenda.

Stating that members had the chance to borrow up to 10 million Turkish lira without interest through the Small and Medium Industry Development Organization, or KOSGEB, Bülent Karakuş added that construction of the new MUTSO building had started and would cover an area of 5,200 square meters.

Stating that they had started a new initiative in 2006 for businessmen in Muğla to obtain a visa more easily for trade with Greece and the Greek islands, Karakuş adding, “Our members send the necessary documents to us after making their visa payment and we handle all the other processes. 300 members of our chamber have obtained visas so far.”

Good news for yacht producers
Muğla’s potential for yacht tourism was another big subject on the agenda. Karakuş said that Muğla had been selected as a main center among 10 other cities as part of a 6 million-euro European Union project.

“Marmaris, Bodrum and Ören are all pilot districts,” said Karakuş. “All yacht production needs will be met here. Muğla will be the base of yachting.”

He added that the new project will facilitate yacht selling. “There previously were no customers for yachts worth 3 million to 4 million lira,” he added. “This project will facilitate the opening of Muğla to European countries. Luxurious yachts produced here will even attract customers in the range of 20 million lira.”

According to Karakuş, setting some standards for the number of the businessmen in the area is crucial for development. Karakuş said that some regulations could be made, such as there are some for certain professions.

“The number of pharmacies in a region is determined according to the population of a region,” said Soner Sağlam, a businessman from Datça. “Similarly, MUTSO should set some standards for entrepreneurs and businessmen in starting their own businesses to limit the number.”

“A surplus of businesses impedes productivity,” he said, voicing his concerns. Karakuş said that although they had asked for a regulation concerning the number of businesses to be opened, it had so far not been fulfilled.

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