Holidays in Turkey at record low prices

The fear of unemployment in England coupled with the severe decrease in value of the sterling compared to the Euro and the Dollar has resulted in a drop of demand for international all-encompassing holiday packages. As a result, prices for holiday packages have also decreased significantly.

Following an announcement made by large tour operators in Turkey that summer vacation reservations have decreased by 11 percent, in comparison to figures from last year, travel agencies also revealed that they have been left with thousands of unsold package holiday options.

The overall drop in the tourism sector has resulted in record low prices for holiday offerings by tourism companies. For example, one of the nation’s biggest tourism companies Thomas Cook is offering a two-week stay at a studio flat in Marmaris for as low as 23.48 pounds, not including breakfast or dinner. If two customers were to share the studio, at that price it means the nightly rate is as low as 84 pennies. Meanwhile, the price for a five-night stay for two people in a three-star hotel in central Las Vegas, with a pool and restaurant has dropped to under 93 sterling, bringing the cost for one night per person to 9.27 pounds.

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