Firefighters fighting to contain forest fire in Marmaris

A fire sparked at 11 a.m. yesterday in the forestland of the naval command located in southwestern Muğla province’s Marmaris district has not yet been taken under control, the Forestry Directorate’s Muğla branch Regional Deputy Director Mümtaz Kanat has said.

In a statement to the Anatolia news agency, Kanat noted that the fire is affecting 10 hectares of land and that a firefighting team of 200 people has been working to contain the fire with seven helicopters and land vehicles. The deputy director also said fire departments from other Muğla districts have dispatched teams to help.

“Fighting the fire at this point is very difficult because the land is steep and transportation means to the region very limited. Although the wind has slowed down, giving us a window of opportunity to advance in containing the fire, it is too early to say the fire is completely under control,” Kanat said early yesterday afternoon.

The wind picked up speed in the late afternoon, often shifting direction, making containment of the fire difficult. Soldiers from the naval command formed a perimeter in an effort to contain the fire.

The firefighting teams face a threat of smoke inhalation along with other problems. A driver sent to the area to extinguish the fire was reportedly involved in a traffic accident and has been hospitalized. Additionally, a team of Anatolia news agency correspondents in the area got lost in the forestland and were taken out with the help of the region’s Forestry Directorate.

16 July 2008, Wednesday

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