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Monday, February 25th, 2008

paradise island 2Gökova is situated on the 27th kilometer (16th mile) of the Marmaris-Mugla road. The road enters the Gökova turnoff is lined with eucalyptus trees, forming a naturel tee-tunnel about a kilometer (half-a-mile) long. Passing through this wonderful canopy makes for a beautiful and exciting drive. Each corner of the bay offers different sites of beauty. Many stopover points of the blue voyage cruises are also located here. Thus, it is an important route between Marmaris and Bodrum. Bördübet, Karacasögüt, Okluk, Ingiliz Limani, Löngöz, and Yedi Adalar ( Seven Islands) are among the coves embraced by the bay. At the 30th kilometer (19th mile) away from Marmaris, while climbing up the steep and curvy road to Sakar Tepe in Gökova, looking out at the green of the plain and the blue of the sea in one breath will constitute unforgettable holiday memories. The bay, the plain, and the surrounding area just cannot be described by putting pen to paper; seeing them, experiencing them in person is a true necessity.

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